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Czech Translators of the North

The Czech Translators of the North Association is an independent, voluntary professional organization that was founded in 2018 and affiliates translators of Nordic literature into Czech.

Odpočinková četba
Relaxing Reading / © Helena Wahlman

Its aim is to improve the remuneration and working conditions of translators, to spread awareness in the area of ​​copyright contracts and to support the publication of quality translations, inter alia by training new translators and editors. Its mission is also to facilitate meetings of one another, cooperation and education of translators of Nordic literature, to defend the rights of members and to promote their professional interests, to care for the quality and prestige of Czech literary translation and to spread awareness of Nordic culture, literature in particular.

Leadership of the Association

The President of the Association is Kateřina Krištůfková, a translator from Norwegian, and Vice President Martin Severýn, a translator from Swedish. In the electoral period 2023–2024, the committee is comprised of: Marta Bartošková (Islandic, Norwegian), Markéta Kliková (Danish), Kateřina Krištůfková (Norwegian), Daniela Mrázová (Norwegian and Danish), Martin Severýn (Swedish), Viola Somogyi (Swedish and Danish), Michal Švec (Finnish), Hana Švolbová (Swedish) and Marie Voslářová (Swedish).

Translated by Sean Miller


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